Politics in Russia

Vladimir Putin is the mirror image of Donald Trump — if the mirror were cracked. In America, Trump squeaked out a victory because the media would rather see nearly a decade of him than the annoyance of the grandma he opposed. The media came blasting with two pistols in America, one gun shooting for Trump, […]


Poor Li’l Candy. She just struggled to climb the female Ladder of Power — grabbed too much — and was kicked off it by growling girls who obeyed the Rules of Power. Grab too much, lose it all. Check her out on xvideos.com or something like that. She has flat chest and a smooth voice. […]


I am working on my tenth or so website. Blogs, I guess you’da call ’em. The first website was about Eschuteon ideas against women. I no longer particularly care about women, danger though they remain. As for my inherent hostility, it doesn’t work at a profit. The succeeding ideas were mostly in Rowling format, an […]


In modern times, the mass mind has been infiltrated by meme-snakes. These meme-snakes are slithering in your skull right now, born there by Television images, which irresistible, enamoring, and . . . fatal. That said, what are these snakes? They are the Producers and TV Writers who have decided what you will think. Because the […]


There is one maxim in dating alot: Avoid bitches who try to manipulate your life or life-style. And of course, as a corollary, don’t let a girl start GETTING INTO that situation in her head, where she thinks you’re HER toy and HER fun. Sadly, every single girl on Earth will try to snag you […]